Canada’s Largest Showcase
for the Graphic Communications
and Printing Industries

May 11-13, 2023

Toronto International Centre


Ensure the success of your exhibit with high-impact marketing programs designed to increase your exposure & visibility.

Aisle & Registration
Floor Decal
Show Planner Logo
Mirror Logo

Aisle Signs

Signs featuring your company name & logo will be attached to our numbered aisles signs throughout the facility.

Visitor Badge

A special insert into the attendees badge holder that sticks out and acts as a walking billboard for everyone to see.

Show Bags

The official literature carrier bag will be distributed to every attendee before they enter the show.


Positioned in high-traffic areas, such as the Show entrance, registration, cross-over points and around pillars.


Colourful cords that attach to the badge holders, allowing attendees to avoid pinning them to their clothes.


Signage on all registration counters at the main entrance in Hall 5.

Online Registration Form

One of the opportunities offering the best exposure, the sponsor’s logo placed on the online registration form that close to 10,000 visitors complete online.

Show Lounge

Located just outside hall 5 with unlimited use of area – provide signs, company logo on beer & coffee cups, or any other promotional information.

Software Theatre Title Sponsor

Exclusive title to the popular software theatre on the show floor in Hall 5, a traditional destination for designers, advertising, marketing and creative professionals.

Pre-Reg Insert

Insertion of information to pre-registered guests who will receive their admission badge two weeks before the show.

Other Ideas

  • Opening Ceremonies
  • Water Stations
  • Benches
  • Carpet/Floor Decals

You Name It!

Come up with a suggestion or idea and we will be happy to work with you.

* Exhibitors are responsible for all design & production costs.

Exhibit Space Application Form

Show Guide Ad Specs


Ultimate TechnoGraphics
Delphax Solutions
TG Graphics
Sydney Stone
Sign Media