Canada’s Largest Showcase
for the Graphic Communications
and Printing Industries

May 11-13, 2023

Toronto International Centre

Print Innovations & Opportunities Theatre

Friday, May 12
12:00 – 16:00
Innovation Theatre

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11:00 – 11:55PANEL: Embellishments – the Good, the Bad, the Beauty & the Future
Moderator: Warren Werbitt – The Print Whisperer
Panelists: Mark Little – RICOH; Mike Meshkati – SinaLite; Darsan Sivanantharajah – TMU
Jamie Shaffer – Belmont Press; Dan Thompson – Italics; Mark Little, Ricoh
12:00 – 12:55The Ugly Truth About Generational Marketing
Speaker: Joanne Gore – JGC
13:00 – 13:55Eat or Be Eaten – Current Merger & Acquisition Perspective
From Two “Seasoned” Industry Veterans

Speakers: Jeff Ekstein – Willow Print Group Ltd. & Jay Mandarino – CJ Graphics
14:00 – 14:40The World’s Most Powerful & Scalable AMR Fleet Management Software
Jay Judkowitz – OTTO Motors
14:45 – 15:45Unleashing the Power of Co-Creation
Federico Lagrange – HP Inc.

Embellishments: the Good, the Bad, the Beauty & the Future

11:00 – 11:55
Innovation Theatre


Warren Werbitt
The Print Whisperer


Mark Little

Mike Meshkati

Through lifelong printing industry experience covering every aspect of the business, I know the challenges involved and am committed to creating cost-effective solutions for our customers. Much of my childhood was spent in the shop my parents founded and I worked there while attending university to support our refocus to wholesale. After graduating, I joined SinaLite as a full-time employee and in 2012, stepped into my current role as President. It’s been a privilege to lead SinaLite’s continued evolution as a full ecommerce business, guiding the expansion of products, features, and automation to better serve our customers.

Darsan Sivanantharajah

Jamie Shaffer
Belmont Press

Dan Thompson
Italic Inc.

Dan Thompson is the Founder and President of Italic Inc., a Toronto based digital printing manufacturing company that provides unique ways to communicate with all things printed. Dan seeks out opportunities to work on projects that push the limitations of creativity, and that are grounded in the timeless pursuit of quality, workflow automation and craftsmanship. Dan is a 1998 graduate from the Graphic Communications Management Programme at TMU and is a busy member of a wonderful family on Canada’s East Coast in New Brunswick – where Italic has recently opened a second manufacturing facility housing their Impress, badging and apparel decoration division.

The Ugly Truth About Generational Marketing

12:00 – 12:55
Innovation Theatre

Summary: The PEW Research Center has broken down the 5 generations that exist today as:

  • The Silent Generation: Ages 77 – 94
  • Baby Boomers: Ages 58 – 76
  • Generation X: Ages 42 – 57
  • Millennials: Ages 26 – 41
  • Generation Z: Ages 25 and under

Just as we were gearing up for “the great millennial influx of 2020,” the pandemic blindsided everyone. Fast-forward three years, and now Gen Zs (aka Zoomers) are entering the mix. Gen X/Baby Boomer business owners and executives are now wringing their hands, shaking their heads, and thinking: “I have no clue how to deal with this new workforce generation. They don’t think like we do. They don’t behave like we do. They don’t work like we do. And they don’t buy like we do.”

This timely session will help to de-mystify the concept of generational marketing and:

  • Examine and evaluate the notion of generations
  • Clarify how to distinguish generations from one another
  • Identify the core components of the Gen Z mindset
  • Reveal the best ways to engage with each generation

Experience is the best teacher, and JGC employees and associates span Zoomers to Boomers. From years of research and personal experience, Gore and her marketing team are committed to understanding how each generation makes its buying decisions, what’s important to them, what they expect from businesses – and above all, the real reasons behind why they buy, what they buy, and how they buy.

This is a must-attend session for anyone concerned about the future success of their company.


Joanne Gore

Joanne Gore is a B2B marketer who’s passionate about print. She brings more than 25 years of successfully building global B2B marketing strategies and pinpointing the quickest time to money to her role as President of Joanne Gore Communications, a full-service B2B marketing agency that helps software, hardware, print and manufacturing companies stretch their marketing dollars and attract a new generation of business – with programs that generate awareness, engagement and growth.

Joanne takes a hands-on approach to innovation and works one-on-one with her clients to pinpoint who they help, how they help, and why it matters. She is a top 5 LinkedIn Print Mover and Shaker, an industry speaker, published writer and regular contributor to Graphic Arts Magazine and WhatTheyThink. She is the Xplor ABOD Vice-Chair, Vice-President of Xplor Canada, mentor for the Ontario Summer Company Government initiative for youth entrepreneurship/employment, and a Wellness Coach.

Joanne graduated from Dawson College’s Graphic Design program in Montréal and spent the early part of her career working in the print industry as a typesetter, graphic designer and occasional press operator. Her experience encompasses niche B2B verticals including SaaS, Print, Gov, Fintech, Insurtech, Health and Wellness, Cannabis, Telco, Workforce Management, Print, Professional Services, Highly Regulated Communications and all things tech.

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Eat or Be Eaten – Current Merger & Acquisition Perspective
From Two “Seasoned” Industry Veterans

13:00 – 13:55
Innovation Theatre

Summary: With the landscape of the industry changing forever presented with new challenges such as; almost impossible to find good people, sales decreasing, supply trade and approximately sixty-percent of owners retiring in the next 3 years. Mergers and Acquisitions are truly the only way to survive whether you are a seller or a buyer or want to merge or partner!

Presented by two seasoned successful printers who have grown their businesses by acquisitions. 

You won’t want to miss this session, whatever questions you have there will be great information, insight and humour. This team has always been a favourite for attendees at Canada’s largest trade show.


Jeff Ekstein
Willow Print Group Ltd.

Jay Mandarino
CJ Graphics Inc.

The World’s Most Powerful & Scalable
AMR Fleet Management Software

14:00 – 14:40
Innovation Theatre


Jay Judkowitz
VP of Products
OTTO Motors

Unleashing the Power of Co-Creation

14:45 – 15:45
Innovation Theatre


Federico Lagrange
Head of Brands & Sustainability Innovation – Americas
HP Inc.

Federico is a purpose-driven global Marketer with 20+ years’ experience in the CPG and B2B sectors driving break-through innovation, marketing activation, accelerating revenue growth and delivering strong performance for companies including Kellogg’s, Unilever, Diageo, Bimbo Bakeries and Kimberly Clark.  

At HP, he leads the Brands & Sustainability Innovation agenda for the Americas championing human-centric thinking helping Brands unlock and accelerate their growth & innovation through the Co-creation of Personalized, Sustainable Digitally printed Packaging.  

Federico holds degrees in Marketing and Management from Texas A&M University and is a graduate of the London Business School (LBS) in the UK.


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