Canada’s Largest Showcase
for the Graphic Communications
and Printing Industries

May 11-13, 2023

Toronto International Centre

Graphics Canada Seminar Series

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11:00 – 12:15
Innovation Theatre

Robots, ‘Cobots’, & Other Automation Solutions:
Improve Your Processes & Manufacturing Efficiency

Summary: Robots are one of the most valuable tools to help fight the ongoing labour shortage and associated increase in labour cost. This session will explain the difference between the numerous robotic solutions that are available today to see what’s right for your business. From print to packaging, the focus will also be on the economics of an investment into robotics.

Led by expert Patrick Douglas-Meis, who has more than three decades of experience working with robotics, you’ll learn the difference between a robot and a cobot, and their comparative benefits and disadvantages.

Patrick is currently involved in many projects with the latest generation of this technology, including mobile robots that can moved easily between different workstations and perform different tasks. He will share his knowledge, so you get a better understanding of the different solutions and how they can be applied to your business.


Patrick Douglas-Meis
PDM International

Patrick Douglas-Meis has been working with robots for more than 30 years. After obtaining a masters degree in mechanical engineering from one of the leading universities in Germany (RWTH Aachen) he worked for printing companies in Germany (Burda), Canada (Quebecor World) and the USA (Quad Graphics). He has a proven track record in cost reduction, process improvement and implementing a wide range of automation technology in manufacturing operations. He has been living in Toronto since 2006 and in 2012 founded PDM International. Here he provides consulting services and business development in the areas of robotics, general automation and ink-jet applications. The work with international printing and packaging companies as well as equipment manufacturers that are looking for state-of-the art technology and process optimization solutions gives him an insight into the latest trends and applications in this field.

10:00 – 16:30
Aviation B

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10:00 – 10:55Cybersecurity for the Printing Industry – Challenges & Opportunities 
Speakers: Mahmoud Gad – CyberLucent & Grant Sadler – CyberLucent
11:00 – 12:30Canadian Industry – 2023 Insights from Insiders
Speakers: Richard Kouwenhoven – Hemlock Printers Ltd.
& Peter Spring – Category5 Imaging Inc.
13:00 – 14:30Top 5 Ways to Recruit & Retain Employees in
Today’s Challenging Labour Market
Speakers: Heather Black – Connecting for Results
& Nicky Milner – Connecting for Results
15:00 – 16:30The Value of Print – Target Your Efforts for Success
Speakers: Grace Chan – Royal Bank; Brendan Ireland – Staples;
Rich Pauptit – Flash Reproductions & Sylwia Plawinski – Canada Post

Cybersecurity for the Printing Industry
Challenges & Opportunities 

10:00 – 11:00
Aviation B

Summary: The printing industry is not immune to cyber threats. With the rise of digital printing, printers are increasingly reliant on networked systems, which are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. These attacks can compromise the integrity of sensitive data, disrupt business operations, and damage the reputation of the printing company. It is crucial to implement robust cybersecurity measures.

This seminar will provide insights into the world of cybercrime and its impact on the printing industry. Our expert speaker will discuss common cybercrime techniques, and the latest trends in cybercrime targeting the printing industry. We will also explore best practices for protecting your business from cybercrime. 

By attending this seminar, you will gain a better understanding of cybercrime and be better equipped to protect your printing business from cyber threats.


Mahmoud Gad
Cybersecurity Strategist

Mahmoud is Cybersecurity Strategist specializing in cybersecurity risk management and Cybersecurity program strategy. He held different positions in the Canadian Federal Government, startups, and research institutions in Canada and the U.S. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from the University of Ottawa and an M.Sc. from the University of Maryland in College Park, United States.

Grant Sadler
Network – MSP Program

Grant has 17 years of telecom experience, having held various technical and management roles at TELUS in Toronto. He then founded and ran a home automation and security company for 7 years before joining CyberLucent in 2021. Grant holds Engineering and Economics degrees, from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.

Canadian Industry – 2023 Insights from Insiders

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Summary: Attend this important session as we share the results of a survey of Canadian printers on the current state of the industry. This survey was conducted in the spring of 2023, so results include the latest sentiments of industry decision makers from across Canada. 

After the downturn from the pandemic, the economy was on a rebound, only to be impacted by major supply issues and labour shortages. With increasing inflation and interest rates, are printers optimistic or cautious for their outlook?

You will be surprised at the results from the survey! 

This session will include industry leaders discussing the results and sharing their insights from their perspective on how to navigate an uncertain economy to thrive and prosper. This will be an interactive session, so be prepared to participate and share your comments also!


Richard Kouwenhoven
Hemlock Printers Ltd. 

Hemlock is one of the most recognized printing companies in North America. They are known for high quality offset, digital and wide format products, and services. In addition, they are recognized internationally for their focus on sustainable products and practices including operating a carbon neutral facility in Burnaby, BC, Canada. Richard is also Chair of the Canadian Printing Industries Association. 

Peter Spring
Category5 Imaging Inc. 

Category5’s specialty is large-format printing, and more. They offer creative services for billboards, custom displays, and custom boxes, and differentiate themselves with in-house inhouse installation. Peter was formerly President of TI Group. 

Top 5 Ways to Recruit & Retain Employees
in Today’s Challenging Labour Market

13:00 – 14:30

Summary: Join industry experts, Heather Black and Nicky Milner, from Connecting for Results, for this impactful session as they share best practices that successful companies are using to recruit and retain the best talent to build winning organizations.

Their current experience is based on the need for organizations to attract talented, young, staff who are engaged to help them grow and prosper.

Employees who are in demand have the ability to pick and choose what companies they work for, and if the conditions do not meet their expectations, they have the mobility to move to an employer who does!

Heather and Nicky will share their learnings from dealing with hundreds of employees, as well as employers, to understand how you can attract talent, reduce recruitment costs, and improve your employee retention. 

Heather Black
Managing Director, Talent & Strategy
Connecting for Results

Heather is an accomplished talent acquisition professional with 30+ years of print industry experience. Skilled at cultivating new business and delivering customer solutions, Heather brings her background in marketing, public relations, and business development to her sought-after expertise in recruiting. In her role at Connecting for Results, Heather provides full-cycle recruitment services to printers with a specialty in executive searches and “hard to fill” roles.

As a support to hiring managers, Heather helps seek out top-tier and diverse talent for current and future hiring needs across her established network of contacts. As a trusted talent advisor, she has filled roles from senior management to shop floors across the industry, from print and packaging companies to direct mail providers, marketing agencies to equipment providers, and print suppliers.

As an industry expert, Heather shares her insights as a guest speaker and panelist with a special focus on attracting and retaining employees. She is passionate about sharing best practices, helping employers to finding a winning employee brand strategy to attract the right talent, creating a positive candidate experience from interview to onboarding. 

Heather serves the community as a member of the Board of Directors of the Ontario Printing & Imaging Association (OPIA) and is a Career Mentor for Toronto Metropolitan University’s Graphic Communications Management students with deep ties to the student community and up-and-coming talent.

Nicky Milner
Digital Strategy Specialist
Connecting for Results

Multi-faceted print and publishing technology executive, with experience in information technology, premedia and prepress, digital printing, program, and project management. Five-time member of PrintAction Canada’s List of “50 Most Influential People” in Graphic Communications. Successful leadership career with North American print and publishing organizations (Quebecor World, Transcontinental), in roles spanning production technology, operations management, digital media, and more.

The Value of Print – Target Your Efforts for Success

15:00 – 16:30
Aviation B

Summary: This session will feature a panel of experts from marketing and corporate to technology providers and industry, as they discuss areas where print has had a positive impact on their business success. These insights will provide a better understanding of trends, and the benefits of print products and services to help communicate to our customers.


Grace Chan
Royal Bank of Canada

Brendan Ireland

Rich Pauptit
Flash Reproductions

Sylwia Plawinski
Canada Post


Ultimate TechnoGraphics
Delphax Solutions
TG Graphics
Sydney Stone
Sign Media