Canada’s Largest Showcase
for the Graphic Communications
and Printing Industries

May 11-13, 2023

Toronto International Centre

Automation Turbo Talks

11:00 – 15:30
Show Floor

15 minute snapshots of best practices in automation 

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11:00Xerox: “Hyper Automation”
11:20Enfocus: “Using AI to Reduce COGS”
11:40Motionalysis: “Work Order Management for Digital Print & Cut”
12:00Elitron: “ELITRON – INNOVATION In Motion”
12:20Ronik: “Ronik’s New RayX Series Will Transform Your Printing Experience”
12:40PrintIQ: “Surfacing Your Business Data with MIS Intelligence”
13:00Infigo: “Web-to-Print. Get Creative, Get Integrated & Get Online”
13:20Highcon: “Driving Production Efficiencies with Digital Finishing”
13:40HP: “Service Automation with HP PrintOS”
14:00Accura MIS: “Combating the Margin Squeeze with Automation”
14:20Hybrid Software: “Increased Efficiencies Through Automation with Hybrid Software”
14:40Zünd: “LetsTalkWorkFlow with Zünd”
15:00WebConnect+: “Connecting Best-in-Class Solutions”
15:20Sabre Limited: “Successfully Choosing and Installing a New MIS System”
11:00Significans Automation: “Why is Automation a Trusted Investment?”
11:20Enfocus: “Products or Solutions: This is the Difference that Can Make the Difference.”
11:40ESKO: “Sustainability & Digital Maturity Model Concept”
12:00Kongsberg: “Automation with Digital Finishing”
12:20OneVision: “Road to Automation”
12:40RICOH: “Evolution of Graphic Communications”
13:00Tools4Media: “Why is MIS / ERP Integration so Hard?” 
13:20GMG Color: “Targeting the Future of Colour Precision”
13:40EPS: “Industry 4.0 Myth, Fiction or Reality?”
14:00Ultimate Technographics: “How to Supercharge your Productivity in 2023”
14:20Print Science: “Saving Time on Small Tasks Can Save Big Money”
14:40PressWise: “Turn Touches into Automation in Your Print MIS “
15:00Vanguard Digital Printing: “High Value Applications with Vanguard Digital Printers” 
15:20CoreBridge: “Automation with CoreBridge”


Ultimate TechnoGraphics
Delphax Solutions
TG Graphics
Sydney Stone
Sign Media